Virtual Church Resources

Each month new resources are added, so be sure to check back often. 

  • Pastor Jay Kranda serves as the Online Pastor for a large church in California. Jay has shared his time, talents, and thoughts with a number of our ministry partners and on his website you can find a ton of great resources and articles to help you think through the "how to's" of online churches.   "I remember the first time I got introduced to church online. It was early 2010 in an office by a pastor from Life.Church. My mind had been opened to a hidden world during the brief conversation. I never learned about this in Bible school, and it wasn't part of my seminary degree catalog...I always thought it was strange people focused on what was not possible and nobody was focusing on the possible."  

  • Dream Church is a weekly Facebook Live gathering in which unites people of all cultures and nations without any barriers, together in Christ. Each broadcast offers further discipleship, freedom and love that can be only found in Jesus. It is the online ministry of Isik Abla, a native of Turkey who found freedom and healing in the life-giving message of Jesus Christ. Isik gives sound and practical advise to others, both men and women, who long for wholeness, joy, and purpose in their lives. 

  • Social Media Church is a place for conversations with ministry leaders about social media. Our conversations are designed to give you real-life examples and an insider look at how ministries are using social media to be more effective in their ministry. This podcast connects leaders with each other about how social media is becoming a part of the very fabric of the church in the 21st century. And we’d love for you to join the conversation – on TwitterFacebook, and YouTube.

  • VR Church meets every Sunday at 7:30pm EST in AltspaceVR.

    We believe church is more than just an event on Sunday, so we also have Life Groups during the week, and we hang out on our Discord server outside of VR. Church World is the name of our “building” in VR. Although, it’s better to think of our church “building” as more of a world to explore. Church World is always open to the public. We often gather here for VR Life Groups, impromptu hang-outs, and prayer gatherings. Visit Church World by clicking HERE. Keep an eye out for new worlds we are creating.

  • The Church Online -

    The Church Online is one of the most vibrant expressions of online church in the Middle East. They are a group of Christians from across the region, gathered as an interactive church for new believers helping them to grow in Christ through preaching, teaching, training and worship. Their ministry is designed especially for countries where there are no local churches or the difficulty of going to churches for any circumstances. 

  • The difference between VR and 360 is simple. Both offer an immersive experience for the viewer, but VR has the added benefit of being able to engage others within the environment. Previously available only to those with high-end VR headsets and powerful computers to drive the software, the Oculus GO provides a cost effective way for anyone to get stared in VR.